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             It was a cold and windy night but Rockwood Music Hall stage #3 was warm and cozy.  The room was filled with a sonic warmth created by singer songwriter Ryan Hobler.  Despite the inclement weather the room was filled with family, friends and fans.  They all made the arctic journey to celebrate release of Ryan's new album The Elusive Yes.

                Ryan opened with a Daniel Johnstone cover 'True Love Will Find You In The End' and followed with his own 'Got A Ways To Go', 'I Have Love, I Have You' and 'All Along'.  The room collectively swayed and tapped their feet to these upbeat tunes.  Ryan, and his brother Kieran, engaged in humorous exchanges with the audience while he tuned his guitar.  The band begins to effortlessly transition into a more mellow portion of the set highlighted by songs such as 'I Fell Deep' and 'The Boulder and the Glass House'.  Ryan's voice draws you in.  Along with the subtleness of the background singers and the superb instrumentation of the musicians,  I easily forgot about apocalyptic conditions that await.

                At this point Ryan started his solo set with 'God Only Knows' a Beach Boys cover.  After performing 'No Knowin', former Effective Immediately PR publicist, Michael Del Priore joins Ryan on stage for a duet.  The combo performed a Grateful Dead cover 'Jack-A-Roe'.  After Michael sung the line "This couple they got married, so why don't you and me.............. o why don't you and me" he hops off the stage, drops to one knee and proposes to his girlfriend.  A beautiful moment that was just as surprising to Michaels girlfriend as it was for the entire audience.  She said "YES".

                The band rejoins Ryan on stage for the final run of songs which included two of my favorites 'Near You' and 'See What You're Doing to Me'.  Ryan's songs recorded are perfect for that summer Sunday drive to nowhere.  Hearing Ryan live was the perfect weeknight escape.  Lucky New Englanders will have that chance soon.  Ryan and his team are currently putting together a tour for the Memorial Day weekend.  Stay tuned for show dates and times.  It's worth it!


Ryan Hobler - Rockwood Music Hall - NYC - 2015Ryan Hobler - Rockwood Music Hall - NYC - 2015Ryan Hobler - Rockwood Music Hall - NYC - 2015 ©Sean J. Rhinehart For more of me:

Ryan Hobler - Rockwood Music Hall - NYC - 2015

Ryan Hobler - Rockwood Music Hall - NYC - 2015

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Show review: Jeff Daniels - City Winery - NYC - 2015 for Elmore Magazine (audition): January 13, 2015


     He has played a road tripping idiot, America’s favorite news anchor and everything in between but tonight his role was that of a folk/blues singer song writer.  Accompanied by his son Ben Daniels and his band Mr. Daniels turned the jammed packed City Winery in New York City into his personal soundstage.  Despite having to turn away from the mic occasionally to cough because of flu like symptoms the Emmy Award winner still delivered.  His lack of a Hollywood ego in combination with his ‘the show must go on’ grit endeared him quickly with the audience.  Jeff’s set list spanned his entire recording career including the recently released “Days like these”.  His carefully crafted tunes where woven together with humorous back stories and tales of being Will McAvoy, Harry Dunne and Jeff Daniels.  That being said, don’t get it twisted, music was king on this night!

Jeff Daniels  - City Winery - NYC - 2015Jeff Daniels - City Winery - NYC - 2015Jeff Daniels w Caravan of Thieves - City Winery - NYC - 2015 ©Sean J. Rhinehart For more of me:

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